Semalt Expert: What Is SEO & Why Is It Important?

SEO is an effective and affordable way to reach new customers, rank your site well in the search engine results and increase your sales. Search engine optimization or SEO means setting up the website and its articles to show up in the search results. While various marketing strategies are out there to reach your audience, search engine optimization gives us power to reach more and more people when they search out information related to your keywords, services, products, and phrases. That's the reason SEO leads have around fourteen percent close rate compared to the two percent close rates of leads of other networks such as email marketing, print advertising, and social media marketing.

Moreover, Alexander Peresunko, a top expert from Semalt, assures that SEO helps us improve the visibility of our site in the natural or organic search results, and search engine optimization should not confuse with paid search results as both are entirely different tactics.

Why is SEO important for you?

If you do not focus on optimizing your site or blog for the search results, your chances of losing your traffic and customers to the competitors will be high as their sites will appear high in the search engine results than your blog or website. When someone looks for specific products or services online, he turns to Google, Bing or Yahoo. The visitor may reach your website while searching for information that is related to your products and services. Ideally, your site will show up high when more and more people will find it in the search engine results. The researchers show that sixty percent of the Google traffics goes to the sites and blogs that appear in the three to four search results.

How do the search engines evaluate where the business is ranked?

The search engines use algorithms to evaluate where a business stands and they provide visitors with useful and relevant information using the same algorithms. You should make sure that your site appears on the first page rather than 20. For this, you should focus on domain authority and write quality articles on the topics that relate to your business. Your site's authority is determined via some onsite and offsite factors. Some of them have been described below.

Onsite – The search engines give better ranking to the websites that regularly publish new content on particular topics. If you own a news website, you should regularly publish articles and establish your online authority.

Offsite – The search engines want other sites to link back to your web pages. When some other websites link to your articles and people share the content on social networking websites, you will have prominent rank in the search engine results.

How to get started with search engine optimization (SEO)?

Influencing the search engines will take time, but it will definitely pay off when you reach new visitors. If you have started the blog, it's good to focus on your audience. Rather than writing about the general topics, you should publish content on specific topics and cover range of subjects. And once you start writing original content, you will establish an authority for your domain and should share the content on social media regularly.

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